Wishlist Member WordPress Plugin: A Review and Demonstration

A few days ago I wrote a review of Wishlist Member Plugin on my personal blog. I came short of mentioning that with this plugin you can practically create a membership site in 10 minutes. Its extremely powerful.

On this post I want to take you behind the scenes of one of my websites and show you how I am using wishlist plugin. You can use this plugin to not only run a membership site but also deliver digital content from one time purchases, which is the case in this video.

You will also see how I am using the sales copy and the member area separate…

Play the video for More explanation on this.. Also spend a few minutes and read my original review right that is below this video. I am sure you will find some insights into this plugin, including the vision of its creators Stu & Tracy whom I have know for sometime.

First Review of Wishlist Member Plugin Posted On SriniSaripalli.com

Struggling to start and run your own membership site? Made several attempts but for some how you’re not able to start and grow your membership site all because you’re not able to make the technology work for you.

If this is the case my friend..you’re going to love this post.

Over the years I have started and managed many membership sites. Some of them were successful and some of them were colossal failures. Even to this day I struggle with finding the right technologies and platforms that could fit my marketing needs.

Just to give you some idea I have membership sites that run membergate and amember, have a couple of sites that run on wordpress and protected by Amember( Thanks to Ryan Deiss & Dave Moskovitz)

As an information marketer I have advocated the essence of “speed to market”. If you have an idea you need to act on it fast, real fast. Many marketers spend a lot of time thinking and just thinking and in the process they lose out on the market opportunity, myself included sometimes..:)-

Most recently I was introduced to a WordPress plug-in called WishList Member that could convert any wordpress blog into a membership site in minutes.

My initial reaction was, no way I’m going to let a plugin run from the core of my wordpress blog that is not yet proven or has no developer backing.

How many times you have bought a plugin that promises you the earth & heaven and the next thing you heard is, its not supported with your wordpress version or the theme you are using.

When I I found out that this plugin is developed by Stu McLaren and Stacy Childers, whom I have known for years. I had to give it a shot.

I bought a multi-site license and tested the plugin on several of my sites. Different sites, different membership levels and different purposes altogether.

It was very easy to get started and I even got the 1shoppingcart integration to work.

Last week I attended a live seminar on WishList in Las Vegas during the event I asked several questions on all aspects of the product and get to know the plugin well.

Stu and Tracy assured me that the product is coded to the standards and they are going to ensure that all the future versions will be compliant with wordpress. Apparently they are already working with Corey Miller and Brian Gardner to ensure the plugin will gel well with leading wordpress themes.

(The older version of the plugin used to login the user directly into the membership area upon the purchase, while this worked fine from a usability perspective, it restricted me to test the conversions using google pixel tracking code. I requested Stu & Tracy for help and in the current version they introduced “after registration” and “after login” pages)

Here are some enhancements I suggested to Stu & Tracy

Support for WordPress MU. (Imagine running a membership site where users can create their own membership sites and you make a small commission) similar to wordpress.com. Make it compatible with Buddypress. Man you are now dominating the social media.

Ad-serving Platform: Create an ad serving program which triggers banners or text that’s based on membership levels. Stu did talk mention some up-sell enhancements to the plugin that they are planning in the upcoming releases.

Additional content delivery How about delivering selective content(audio, video, e-books, special reports selectively to specific members who are on the same membership level(not at a certain time interval, but by choice at a random). Now Wishlist plugin can do sequential content upgrade and content drip is coming in the next release, but selective content delivery to a specific member is something that is widely supported on amember.

(Stu, can you confirm if Wishlist can do this?)

MoveableTypes Support Extend the plug-in to other blogging platforms such as MoveableTypes. How about MTWishList?

Tight integration with all the plug-ins that amember supports today. Such as open source applications like PHPBB forums etc.

Some of the attendees did raise the point that Stu and Tracy are selling this plug-in for a lot less. To some extent they are but I also think, from an overall product strategy stand point and the WordPress community perspective the $297 multi-site license is a good starting price point.

As I conclude this post here is what I recommend you should do.

If you’re a blogger and if you’re thinking of starting your membership site you should start with WishList plug-in. Wishlist member plugin is capable of handling many off the membership site needs. This is a plug-in that has been coded by marketers for marketers and in my opinion you can handle all kinds of front-end and backend offer.

Also when you invest in the Multi-User license make sure you use them on your own sites not your client sites or for someone whom you are building a blog. If you need to build something for your customers, ask Stu for a reseller license.

To see a live functioning site that uses Wishlist member plugin visit FastBlogTraffic.com/

To get your own copy of Wishlist member Plugin visit www.membershipsiteplugin.com

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  • If you like this post make sure you subscribe to my RSS!
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  • Craig

    Everyone should think twice about using WLM if you are planning to use any other plug-ins. I am having a devil of a time getting WishList to run with SimplePressForum (which I would think is a fairly standard use for a membership site) and have been talking with WL for several days through their Support network. After being asked to supply FTP access, I received the following response:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the information.

    Unfortunately if a plugin conflict is creating the issue, there is not much we can do in terms of helping you.

    However, I will pass this on to the developers to verify that this is the case.

    Take care,

    Greg France

  • gorichonline

    Hi Craig,

    This is a classical open source problem. My take on this is, no matter which way you go there will always be issues with plugins and themes.

    Not all plugins and themes will work with one another. A reality we have to accept and move on.

    Given all the advancements, For most people, The days of loading all kinds of plugins into the blog and expecting that everything else will work in harmomy are coming to an end.

    I know Stu and Tracy are reaching out to mainstream theme & plugin creators for their blessings, which is a good thing.


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