What Is Your Most Important Question About Making Money Online?

Couple of days ago when I announced that I will conduct a tele-call on how I made my first $10K in 42 days. I received a ton of emails.

I asked everyone to comment on this offer…

we have over 34 comments now...

If you ever wanted a sincere, honest opinion on internet marketing. Then go read the comments

For me they are not comments. They are the emotions of simple honest people trying to find how they can learn this internet marketing business that seems to elude them despite of their best efforts, time and money.

Let me tell you an important thing about this call..

I am not the inventor of this technique and hence I have no right to charge any money for this. Its true that I improvised some aspects of this, but again thats minimal compared to what I learnt from several mentors, marketing experts, teachers, e-books,seminars and workshops etc put together.


For everyone who wants to know the price of my “$10k in 42 Days” telecall/webinar, for everyone who called me in the office asking for it and for everyone else who are short on money but want to learn this…

The cost for you attending this event is ZERO.

Because its FREE, don’t undermine it. Remember the best information on this earth is always FREE and for everything else you will pay..

But I need your help. I want you to answer a question for me…

What is your most important question about making money online?please post your question here in the comment section.

Don’t take the excuse that you don’t have time to make a comment or post a question. I am yet to meet a person who is “making excuses and money at the same time“..so please post your question here.

Even if you cannot make to the call, you will still help others by helping me answer your question.

My mother is not well, so I am heading to India on Friday. I will be back in about 5 days and will schedule this call.

So stay tuned, stay strong


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