Setup An Opt-In Form On WordPress Blog Without A Text Widget

Michael Leckie posted a question on this blog asking how he can setup an opt-in form without using a text widget. I recorded a small video to show how this can be done. This is not the only way to do it, but if you are having a hard time setting your optin form using the text widget then I highly recommend editing the sidebar.php to include the option code appropriately. This video shows how you can do that.

I am assuming you saw the first video on how to setup opt-in form on your wordpress blog using the text widget. If you have not you can see the video here

If you liked this video? Please post your comments here. It will help me/you help others.


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  • sainy

    hi Srini
    can you please send me that code for the optin form so I can use it on my blog. If I cant do that then how do I get the code so I can put it on my blog

  • luke

    you talked about your auto responder video, i cant find this video on your website?

  • Thank you for the explanation on how to put a opt in up. It was much appreciated.

  • Giovanni

    Hey, everybody!
    I found a plugin that does it all, and more: with this one you can automatically add a customied subscription form at the end of each post too.
    You can check the results on my blog at

    You find it here
    No affiliate link and the plugin is completely free. They only ask you to write a review about it on your blog.

  • Srini

    Thanks for sharing a great resource Giovanni. I will test this out on one of my blogs and write a review for them.


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