Secret Behind My Page 1 Rankings On Google For Multiple Keywords Across Multiple Niches

Couple of days I told the whole world about how I ranked in page 1 on google for extremely competitive terms like “Information marketing” and “Info Marketing” with my personal blog

I received several emails from my subscribers asking how I did it? Here are a set of questions that I received in the last few days, you can see my asnwers next to them..

  • How often do you write on your blog? Answer: I advocate three times a day
  • What ping service do you use? Answer: The stand ones that come with wordpress. Nothing special
  • Do you exchange links? Answer: NO, I don’t recommend
  • Do you give links? Answer: Selectively I do, but I don’t expect a back-ink in return
  • Do you deep link? Answer: Yes, but could do a better job by becoming more methodical. Too bad no time
  • How do you find your link partners? Answer: I don’t. All I do is try creating good content
  • Do you use blog farms? Answer: NO
  • What Plugin do you use for SEO? Answer: Platinum SEO

The secret to getting high ranking on search engines is consistency. That means by producing good, timely, refreshing, relevant and timeless content for a prolonged period of time that brings value to the readers.

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in SEO tricks. I do have several tips that I can share with you on how you can accomplish even better rankings than mine. The minute you talk about fast SEO raknings and conversions we are into the world of “Black Hat”, “Grey Hat” and every other hat.

Couple of months ago I made a presentation on SEO to a small group of people. About 40 or so. I had my video crew there recording the whole presentation. At the end this presentation turned out to be one of the best I ever did on any of my subjects. Upon receiving so many questions, I decided to combine that video footage into a small hands-on home study SEO course that anyone can quickly follow and learn from. The course is precise, to the point and filled with practial tips and tricks.

The course is titled “Search Engine Tips, Trick, Hacks & Wacks”. The title of the program explains it all. For the last few days I had been busy recording several demonstration videos. I plan to release the entire course on January 15, 2010 on this blog. I’m expecting the program to be 1 manual, 1 DVD and 2 CD’s. But we will see how much content I will create and how everything will come together.



If you are interested in this powerful program, you can order the entire set now for a pre-publication price of $97 . Once the CDs are ready they will be shipped to you. I expect the entire program to be shipped to you by January 15, 2010. Once we have the entire program in place it will be sold either for $197 somewhere around that price range.

If highly encourage you to get your hands on this amazing program and I promise you it will fundamentally change the way you perceive SEO and organic search in general.

If you have any questions or concerns, by all means post them here.


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  • If you like this post make sure you subscribe to my RSS!
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