Rule of thumb to have your prospects, customers and clients choose you instead of your competitors!

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Things are changing every day and there are more distractions and challenges  coming into our life because of  our  social and economic conditions.

    I think it is imperative for us to pay attention to the current situation and do whatever is necessary to grow our business and make money online while helping our clients and customers in best possible way.

    If you look around, you will see  that getting information about anything is becoming easier day by day and we have too much of information flowing into our life in many different directions.

    It is getting harder  day by day to keep up with it and  more importantly it is becoming a even bigger challenge to pick and choose the right source of  information which will be the best solution for our  current need.

    No matter what, It must help us eliminate our actual pain or frustration without wasting our time, attention and emotional energy.

    I am going to share a  proven principle  called “Ziff’s Law” which is going to give you  a totally new perspective about  how you deal with the above challenge and build the trust  and rapport with your audience  and have them come to you again and again  irrespective of all the competition out there.

Zipf’s Law  says :

With limited time and opportunity to experiment, your ideal clients intentionally narrow their choices to those who are at the top.

    After spending enough time and doing some really good amount of testing on my part I have come up with some answers to the following questions which might come to your mind as it did to me.

  • What does it mean to you?
  • How can you apply it into your own make money online  venture?
  • What is the best  way to  incorporate into your own business?
  • Here is what I found based on my study as well as all the experiments and test I have done so far.

    No matter what business you do , you will have to position yourself as an expert in some specific segment  of business that will create an impression for your audience to consider your as their ultimate solution in stead of your competitors.

    If you consider the business of making money online as a case study, all your audience want is to generate some extra cash consistently  while having total  freedom and control over their time and decisions in life.

    As a solution provider, our role is to take the responsibility of  their need or desire and come up with a solution which will work for them irrespective of their geographic, demographic and psychographic situation.

    That means, we will have to take all the pain and hard work necessary to create  solution  which involves a lot of trial and error and make it available to them in a simple and easy to understandable format so that they will not go through all the pain and frustration you had to go through.

    Now comes the third question ,how your customers or clients can incorporate it into their own business and position them correctly.

    Just to make simpler for you  to understand and  implement it into your own business I have classified all solution providers  into 3 categories.

  • a. Enabler
  • b. Enhancer
  • c. Implementer
  • If you  pay close attention.

    All these 3 words represents  some sort of role.

    Being an enabler you are enabling a sale, that means your role and responsibility is to enable a sale and make money doing it.

    Enhancer means your role is to enhance the features, functionality or user experience of an existing solution and get paid for doing it.

    The third word was an implementer which means you have taken a role of doing all the hard work to implement the solutions, systems or programs out there and proved yourself as the successful example of something and made it work and ultimately you get paid because of it.

    Unless  fit yourself into any of these roles and do it with due diligence  it would be hard for you to make money online and see the desired results.

    I strongly recommend you to analyze your business and see what is your role and which category do you belong to.

    Next step would be to establish yourself as the ultimate authority in whatever role you decide to  fit in.

    Understanding your role and responsibility will allow you to achieve clarity and create a measurable goal and help you focus your time, money and efforts in right direction.

    In fact this will help you channel your emotional energy and attention to your ultimate goal and create a passion inside you to break all the barriers and help you win in your business and personal life.

In my next post I will be discussing a fundamental difference between the online and offline world and why it is so significant in your journey of making money online.Stay tuned..

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