Review Of Erica Douglass’s Blog Success Manifesto

Blog Success Manifesto It had been a while since I planned on writing this reiview but something or other distracted me until this morning when I finally scheudled the time to sit and complete the review of my good friend Erica Douglass’s ebook “The Blog Success Manifesto“. Thirty tactical tips to help you gain your next 1000 subscribers in a record time

Over the last five weeks I spent a considerable amount time reading this e-book off and on. Not only just reading but internalizing some of the key concepts that Erica emphasizes. .

The internet is filled with all kinds of free and paid e-books on blogging. While they do all have their place, its always a treat to see the work of a blogger who walks the talk.

Erica has hit a home run with her Blog Success Manifesto. The content, layout, structure, flow and above all her intent for writing this book is simply noble. It’s written by a blogger for a blogger and as a blogger. Very Methodical, to the point & precise. Most importantly the tips are highly actionable.

Here are some highlights of the e-book.

  • Specificity is the key to success. Don’t be vague with your content.
  • Make your key goals interesting. Your goals will draw likeminded readers more to your blog.
  • Use blogging as a tool will enable you to accomplish any big goal you have in your life.
  • Your ideal audience isn’t likely to the same audience commenting on your blog
  • Survey’s are the key to the successful evolution of a blog. Periodically ask your readers what topics they want you to listen
  • You just cannot make everyone of your visitors happy.
  • Your about page will set you apart from the rest. Don’t be intimidated to write about yourself. Paint a larger picture of yourself.

In addition Erica provides many technical tips on Permalinks, Design, photo placement, Feedburner integration, plugins, stock photos, Content creation tactics, Content Consistency & SEO etc.

It amazing how much Erica has covered in just 62 pages. Both experts and novice will find this e-book immensly valuable.

Finally I want to leave you with this thought. If MrFire. Joe Vitale with all his 25+ years of marketing experience can take advice from Erica and change his blog then we all have something to learn here. Don’t you agree?

Go download a free copy of the Blog Success Manifesto @

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