Planning To Seed Your Blog With Comments..Be Aware!

When Heather Armstrong makes a post on her blog she invariably gets about 200~400 comments .

Amitabh Bachchan is one of the leading actors from India and probably the most influential blogger in the world as he stands today, with an entire following of India a country of 1 billion + population.
With that kind of a following he can influence the outcome of his movies. Pre-launch them, build the buzz and help pre-sell the rights, that’s extremely powerful. He geta about 2000 comments on an average for each post he makes.

If you had been blogging for some time now you know it is very hard to get comments. Your blog has to season(a lot of frequent posts and regular traffic) to get comments. Then you need to have momentum on your side for your community to build up and that momentum will create comments for you.

Why Comments Are Important?

During the initial days as a blogger my thought process was.. the more comments I get the bigger of an authority I will become. Later I gradually learnt that the bigger of an authority you are the more comments you will get. This shift in my thought process happened over a period of time.

The sole reason I seek comments for my posts today is to validate my thoughts in public. Some of my best blogs posts have come from the comments that my readers have made on my posts.

The best way to get comments is by providing comments. Even today despite of running many businesses I take time to provide thoughtful comments on others blogs.

Now that this post is about “Comment Seeding” Lets talk about it..

If you are starting out the best method to get your comment is asking your near and dear friends to read your post and provide some input. You see you are asking for their “input” not thier “comments”

A comment has a definite starting point and an ending point, where as an input has no definite end. An input could be a set of comments, discussions and brain storming sessions.

Its perfectly OK to invite your friends and family to comment on your blog posts. Its amazing how much you can discover about yourself through their writings.

There is one major draw back to the comments that your friends and family provide. After sometime the comments tend to become more and more monotonous, identical and less of substance.

To overcome this problem many bloggers tend to seek the help of certain companies on the internet who charge anywhere from $5 to $20 for 100 comments or so. The idea is to pay a bunch of professional commentators to whom these companies have access to.

I have experimented this option in the past and I “recommend them” and do not recommend them on the same breadth.

Let me explain…

Most of these companies have people who can assess your blog, gauge the content and comment appropriately. If you find a few good commentators.. you are in good hands.

In my experience the quality of these comments are not that great. When you subscribe select the highest plan a website offers and request their best commentators who are professional forum junkies( I mean serious commentators who write with passion).

I have also become a victim of automated comment generating tools these companies use under the radar. Look out for those.

Should you seed comments by yourself? You can but its not worth it..

Often times people have asked me, when starting out..Should you beg for comments?

My answer is YES. I am not ashamed of tell you this. I beg for comments everyday. Here is the trick. You have to beg creatively. Ask in such a way that people will provide comments without thinking twice.

I never solicit comments unless I think the post is powerful enough. These days I have segmented my list to such an extent that, I specifically send comment requests to people whose opinion I truly care about.

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