Meet The $100K A Day Man..

I am sure you were flooded with all kinds of emails about this guy who makes $100K a day. In fact I was planning to promote this launch to my list, but time was not on my side.

Don’t worry this review is not to promote any product. There are no hidden affiliate links on this post either.

So why am I wiring about this “$100k A Day Guy”

(Aymen, Gauher, Jamie Stephenson and Myself)

I first met Aymen($100K a Day guy) a year ago at a live event on “Paid Traffic” that my good friend Gauher Chaudhry conducted in Toronto. There were a very few other people in attendance. Someone in the crowd told me Ayman is a guy to watch out for. I had no clue at that time he was on to something that was so incredible.

Ayman is the creator of “Arbitrage Conspiracy”. Most recently Brad Fallon arranged a live event at the Venetian in Las Vegas. I was invited to this event too but could not attend as we were expecting our baby around the same time.

During that event Gauher kept on telling the attendees how they should think big and start building CPA companies, Facebook applications etc to dominate PPC. Gauher termed this technique as “Grand Fathering”

While many people took this advice of Gauher to their heart. Aymen has certainly taken it to a complete new level.

Congratulations to you Aymen!

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