Resources To Make Money Online

    Ebook Cover Design Software

    E-Book Cover Design

      Need professional work done on your e-cover, a stunning design for your e-book? then I highly recommend over the years I have worked very closely on many of my projects with Vaughn Davidson at KillerCovers He is a true professional and his entire team thrives on customer excellence. I highly recommend

    Web Design Software

      While there are a many tools using which you can develop your squeeze pages, sales pages and money sites. Over the years I have used XsitePro extensively. This is a pretty intuitive tool, user friendly and just gets the job done. XsitePro is for beginners and pros alike.

    Web Hosting

      Reliability, Availability and Scalability are some of the criterira for choosing a good web hosting company. I run several websites and over the years have found bluehost to be extremely dependable. There are many other hosting companies that I work with and some day will update this page with more information.

    Affiliate Link Cloaking

      Ace marketer Ryan Deiss insisted upon me that I should use Script Smart for affiliate link cloaking, One time offers and propect recycling. This is a phenominal tool and I have written an extensive review of Script-Smart here.

    Email Marketing Software

      over they years I have used many email marketing programs and have learned to respect deliverability over features. Aweber is a clear leader in this field. Yes there are many contenders, but again aweber delivers the emails into the inbox not many email programs can do that.

    Shopping Cart

      Tested and tweaked many shopping carts. Eventually settled for 1shoppingcart becuase of its widespread adoption in the internet marketing space. Again there are many other providers in this space and they compete on price and features, my take is the adoption. Also its worth mentioning that 1shoppingcart has just added 1-click upsells to the mix, which is promising. Test drive 1shoppingcart and decide for yourself.

    Keyword Research Tool

      The market is flooded with a ton of keyword research tools. Over the years I have found Keyword Elite to deliver consistently on my expectations. Keyword Elite 2.0 has become fast and comes with several relevant tools or modules that deliver all the insights for proper research and rankings.

    Website Building Software

      I strongly recommend XsitePro. Can’t praise this one tool enough. Xsitepro is a web development tool created for marketers by markteres. Somewhere I head Paul Smithson the creator of Xsitepro sells 500 copies a days. Now thats some serious money. You see he solves a big problem in the market and ie, helping non-techie internet marketers create websites on demand in a simple intuative manner.