Link Building 101: Even Small Links Matter

As competition online increases, website owners are paying more and more attention to search engine results. One way to affect your site’s ranking is to use links to complementary websites.

It should bring traffic to your website and it should increase your ranking with the search engines. Following, are some other tips for the best use of linking.

Volume Vs Value:

    The whole SEO world is divided over this. Should you get as many possible back links or only selective links that are from high page rank sites? It’s true that a link should complement your site but quantity does matter.

    A link should serve two purposes, it should get you traffic and it’s should help increase your search engine position.

    Based on my experimentation, it makes sense to focus on both. The reasoning is, you never know when a page rank 2 site will go to page rank 5. We have seen this happen many times. If a site has page rank 0 today but is progressive (by progressive I mean its alexa ranking is increasing and the site is being refreshed with new content daily);

    Then it makes sense to invest in that site and a back link from that site will go very far.

Random Linking

    Randomly giving away links to other popular sites in your domain will not help because not every website that you link with will return the favor. One of the better ways to approach this is to submit some quality content to the other sites on the condition that they give you a link to your website.

    There is one caveat to submitting content to other sites. If the content is scrolling( for example a Blog where the latest posts shows on the top) depending on how many articles or posts are pre-configured to display on the index page, your content will eventually age and scroll of the index page. When this happens your back link loses page rank.

    Submitting articles to other sites has other inherent problems. Not all web masters are generous to provide a “Do Follow” link. Do Follow links do matter for your search rankings.

    Most article directories don’t provide any back link at all and instead take away your content to make money by running adsense on them.

    Site wide linking is more advantageous than a small text link in some post.

Linking Strategy

    If you really want to win the war on search engines, make sure you have a proper linking strategy in place.

  • Find good sites and contact the webmasters.
  • Don’t ask for an exchange, but suggest you want to be a content contributor.
  • Contribute your time and expertise to other sites in return for a back link.
  • Invest in small sites because some of them will become bigger in course of time.
  • Use keywords as anchor text, Use lateral keywords in the anchor text and also use straight domain names when seeking back links. Everything has its relevance.
  • Don’t forget to do some deep linking on your own site. This is under your own control and you can do a great job at it. Spend time on it.

Lastly, there is the feeling that “automatic” link programs will hurt your ranking rather than improve it. This is not always the case. There are some programs that will provide the means to link to complementary sites that will improve your ranking.

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