How To Write eBooks that Sell……. Part I

How do you write eBooks that sell? Of course, by now you know the basics of assembling an eBook: write informative content and present it in a professional manner. However, this is just enough to make your eBook presentable. How can you boost your sales and write more compelling books that readers will love? Here are some other tips that are just as important in boosting sales.

1. Make It Personal

Remember when you were a kid in class and how you used to dread that teacher who lectured the room with no particular enthusiasm? Just because we’re all grown up now doesn’t mean that we suddenly find him interesting.

People of all ages enjoy personal perspectives. Try to relate to your audience personally, use identifiable examples and put yourself into your writing. Do you have personal experience that would coincide with the subject matter? Then write it!

Remember that information is freely available everywhere. Someone has purchased this eBook because they want to read your personal view on it.

2. Write Clearly and Informally

Though you always strive to have a professional demeanor, as an eBook writer you do want to avoid the academic voice. Speak clearly and aim for an eighth-grade educational level. Not only is this ideal for students, but this also is the style of language that most adults are comfortable with.

Yes, they probably could read your scientifically worded, collegial-level essay on How to Grow a Garden if necessary. However, will they want to? Is it enjoyable? Probably not.

Aim for a wider readership and keep things casual, explaining everything in “layman’s terms.”

3. Edit to Perfection

Be sure to proofread and edit your eBook several times. Edit your manuscript for clarity and proofread for errors.

Do this several times and when you’re convinced that it’s perfect, let someone else read it. Don’t worry, the less familiar they are with the topic, the better, since this is the average reader you’re aiming for.

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