How To Make Them Open Your Email..Almost Everytime

istock_000007606352xsmall Why some marketers get amazing open and click through rates while others struggle with their email marketing efforts?

For years I also struggled with my emails, their deliver-ability and of course the open rates. Thanks to companies like Aweber and 1shoppingcart the email deliver-ability is not a problem of that magnitude any more. I have personally stayed with these two companies as a loyal customer for a long time now and all I can tell you, there is no one better solution that can fit all our email marketing needs.

Now coming to email open rates..

Not everybody is good at writing emails. Not all emails get opened either. No matter how compelling your subject line is, there is nothing you control after the email lands in the inbox of your prospect. Strange subject lines certainly intrigue the readers and result in increased open rates but over all its the body that matters.

While marketers have opinions around when a brodcast email be sent ( Saturday morning 9Am or Tuesday night 8pm) no body knows how long or short should an email be? what time zones are effective? for sure 8PM in Califronia is not the same as New York or Tokyo.

When questioned, most will tell you to test and see what works best for your list.

Over the years I have written a ton of emails, hired best of the best ghost writers and bought some amazing email marketing programs. All this to improve my email marketing endeavors. Still I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. I cannot conclusively pin point on what you should do to improve your email marketing.

But I want to share a small method of mine, that I have used extensively to improve my efforts. You could say this is my “email marketing blueprint”. If you follow this formula to the core you will drastically increase your chances of success with email marketing. No questions asked.

Create a list of products that you have bought over the years directly by clicking on a link that you receveid via an email from someone. In other words who recommended this product or service to you?

If you have bought a lot of products, try to find whose recommendation did you follow the most.

Create a separate folder in your inbox and move all the emails that you ever received from this one marketer or marketing company to that folder.

When you are ready to send out your own broadcast email, just go to this folder, read a few emails, find the most appropriate one that fits your current need and Change the content significantly to match the offer you are trying to promote.

Keep the formatting, and other English verbiage the same. Change the content significantly to reflect your persona, but don’t alter it too much.

That’s it.. Send out the email. Monitor the open rates.

Stop wasting hours writing emails or paying a ton of money to some ghost writer, who 9 out of 10 times will do a decimal job anyway.

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