How To Make Money Online Doing Nothing

We all know the hassles of finding good offers to promote, creating good landing pages that convert & writing excellent content that pre-sells. If every internet marketer would have gotten infinite amount of time & money then each one of us would have been successful.

Most recently I was talking to friend of mine who is a successful internet marketer in his own right. I explained to him how I’m making my entire business passive. By passive means, I set it up once and the money keeps flowing in perpetually. The fact is you have to put in sometime upfront to set it up. The maintenance is pretty much simple.

Currently I’m testing many variations to this technique and I plan to share more statistics & findings in my upcoming “Blog Monetization Workshop”

      In the meantime, here is how this technique works.

      Step 1: Identify a market that you want to base your website on. The market has to be competitive.

      Step 2: Research the keyword and make sure there is enough search volume. Also make sure there are paid advertisements.

      Step 3: Setup a wordpress blog.

      Step 4: Install a plugin that can automatically pull content based on keyword. There are many plugins in the market that can do this. One such plugin is “Caffinated Content”

      Step 5: Setup adsense on your blog.

What is the point of doing all this?

you want people to read your content and then click on the ads on the posts and in the blog frame/sidebar. When they do you make money.

Lets talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this method.


As you see the whole thing is automated. Once you setup the installed plugin you are good to go, there is nothing you have to do there after. The time taken for this entire project is less than 20 minutes from start to finish. That includes blog setup, adsense placement & plugin installation etc


Depending on what plugin you use to get the content determines the quality of the posts. That further determines user interest for your blog and the overall ad clicks. Scraping existing content
from the internet and posting your blog will lead to copyright violations and duplicate content penalties. Hence most professional bloggers shy away from this kind of a method.

How Much Money Can You Make With This Method

Well to begin with my goal is $1 a day. It takes about 90 days to get to the first dollar, this is assuming that you are not doing anything in the meantime. If you can attract some decent traffic you can reduce that number significantly. ( Explore this blog for quick traffic generation techniques)

For some of my new blogs I deliberately spend money on the initial traffic. To recover my cost immediately I try to monetize that traffic with strategic optins and exit popups.

Now do the math..

If you can make $1 a day from one blog, how many blogs you need to make a Six Figure Income?

That is $1 X30(days) = $30 (a month) and for a six figure income you divide $10,000 by $30 which gives us 333 blogs

You may say installing 333 blogs is difficult. My point is, its not provided you can keep you cost and effort low. One way of doing this is buying domains at reduced prices( by becoming an affilaite of and using a hosting provider like allows you to host unlimited domains). The cost of running 333 blog would be around $50 a month.

Now remember $1 is a very conservative number. If you hit the right market & traffic numbers you can be making $100 a day. Very possible and I know people who have done that in some hot markets.

Do you want to see one of my niche blogs on which I have implemented one of this methods? If you do, please leave a comment here and I will personally email one of my sites to you.

Would love to hear your comments on this. Please post them here.

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  • If you like this post make sure you subscribe to my RSS!
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  • Steve

    Another great post Srini. I'm going to do this. Where would you recommend a newbie begin? Are there programs that scrape content and essentially re-organize it? I would ike to avoid getting in copyright trouble.

  • gorichonline

    Hi Steve,

    You don't scrape content with this techniques, you only get content that is approved by the creator to be published on your site.

    Once such example is, YouTube videos. You can embed youtube videos into your blog and that is not a copyright violation unless otherwise called out by the creator/submitter.


  • Hi Srini,

    thanks for revealing one of your systems in this post. I'm still new to the blogging scene and am busy building my first blog. Would love to see one of your sites though.

    Best wishes

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