How to Launch a PPC Campaign Through Your Blog Without Feeling Like You’ve Sacrificed Your Blogging Integrity on the Altar of Manipulation

One of the most controversial practices in the blogging community today is using PPC ads to generate cash through what’s supposed to be a strictly social media. Yes, I’m talking about your blog. Blogs (weblogs) weren’t designed to be money making machines. Oh sure, you use them to build up your business, but you do it by establishing your reputation and occasionally throwing in fun links to resources at your site and around the web. Using your blog as a tool to reap money from advertising to your readers could be viewed as a violation of their trust.

The question is, how can you launch a PPC campaign through your blog without feeling like you’ve given away your self respect as a blogger?

The Perks

Let’s face it, there are some serious perks to using your blog as a PPC tool. For starters, you can make money just by keeping a blog! Blogging is fun, and it definitely builds both your reputation and your Google quality score. What it doesn’t usually do is translate directly into profit. Adding PPC ads to your blog can change that.

When you add PPC ads to your blog you’ll make money each time your readers point and click.

How to Do It

Whether you want to add PPC ads to your blog or not is a purely personal choice. Statistics show that you can easily make over $100 a month with your blog by using it as a PPC tool. If you’re still worried about how you’re going to do it without feeling like you’re taking advantage of the people who see your blog as a social media site I’d recommend that you do it using the guidelines laid out in Google AdWords.

When you sign up to register your blog with Google AdWords, which is the easiest way to launch a PPC campaign, you’re going to be given the option to choose which ads appear on your site and which ones don’t. At this point you actually have a very unique opportunity. First and foremost, you can make sure that the ads that appear are going to be ones that are going to be of interest to your readers. For example, if your blog focuses on parenting your readers probably couldn’t care less about heavy equipment rentals.

On the other hand, they might want to know about stores that offer customizable baby shower favors or carry Carter’s clothing at reduced prices. By carefully choosing which ads appear on your blog you can guide your readers toward resources they need anyway. And isn’t that the whole point of your blog?

When your PPC ads interest your readers you’re also taking advantage of the opportunity to boost your site’s quality score. Why? Because you’re not just randomly linking to sites. Your website provides relevant resources, and that’s going to boost you up in the eyes of the search engines.

All things considered, through careful planning (and resisting the urge to randomly sprinkle your blog with PPC offers) you can make profit with your blog without sacrificing an ounce of your blogging integrity.

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