How To Efficeintly Manage 125X125 Ads On WordPress Blog

Here is another cool video which shows how you can manage your 125×125 efficiently with plugins.

When I asked my subscribers to comment on the latest design on the first question I received from many was, how are the 125X125 ads on the right column working for me.? How did I implement this and how are the converting for me?

When I launched my personal Blog ( I struggled with this, I was not aware of any plugin that could handle this for me, or at least to my requirements. I came across some hosted ad rotating solutions but they were not to my satisfaction.

So I got it hand coded and that too into a widget( for better administration and avoid accidents with my sidebar.php code).

I wanted my ads to randomly juggle. In other words change positions everytime the page is loaded. This was to make sure every ad gets equal # of eyeballs.

I wanted to track how many clicks each ad was getting. On I have all the links being manually tracked with my 1shoppingcart ad tracking.

Most recently I came across Two plugins that can do this very efficiently.

WP125 Plugin: which can not only can do what I mentioned above but can also expire your Ads on a future date. Very powerful. Download it here

Nate White Hill put together a cool Ad Block plugin that does the same. In fact this site uses that plugin. Download it here

Also in future we will find precise tracking, for example which ad was clicked in which position and additional geographical information about the click such as where it came from, the ip address of the click, the browser info etc, Similar to what Google Analytics or Statscounter features

I am sure there are plugins for other dimensions also. If you are aware of any such cool plugins, by all means share that here.

To Your Continued Success!

Srini Saripalli

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  • Yes, that's a good way. Managing 125x125 ads on a WP blog, might not be as simple for inexperienced user and I think that this post really helped them out.

    Good work!

  • Hi it a great video tutorial.
    Can you upload a video tutorial how to we can ad a sidebar in a non-sidebar theme?
    How can we move them right to left or left to right?

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