How To Buy & Sell An Existing Internet Business

About 2 years ago I was approached by a friend of mine to help him buy an internet business. We spent several days exploring many businesses. At the end he never bought any online business but personally I acquired a lot of knowledge in the process. Soon after that I created this “tell all” 60 minute video that explains my complete understanding of this process.

The first time around I released this video to a select group of 15 paid attendees and the second time to my “King Of Blogging Workshop” attendees. Al together only 25 people have seen this video. The video is pretty old, but the content on this is priceless.

Most recently I was planning to buy a website and I had to go back into my archives to find & watch this video. If you are internet marketer of any magnitude this video will come extremely handy. The big thing I talk about here is the three level validation. How the website has to pass all three levels of validation before you even plan on making a bid. Just cashflow and subscribers are not enough

I strongly believe in the idea of buying into an existing business. This video completely supports that.

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