He Bought Every Product..Can Any One Rescue Him

The last 4 months we saw some hectic activity in the Internet Marketing space. Some of the established guru’s relaunched their existing products with great success, some relatively unknown entered the big league.

Here is a small list of some stellar high profile launches.

Stomper Launched Formula One. Jeff Walker launched Product Launch Formula 2.0, Aymen launched his Arbitrage Conspiracy. Frank Kern Launched Info Millionaire. Anik and Amit launched PPC Classroom apparently 7500 people signed up for the service.

Frank Kern’s Mass Control 2.0 was a $5M launch.

Howie Schwartz just launched and closed his Apprentice program, reportedly very successfully.

Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing 2.0 is underway. This will probably break Stomper’s record of biggest launch ever.

Just received an email from Gauher that PPCF2.0 is already a three quarter of a million launch

While the big players were successful. We saw some new individuals and products rise to fame.

Aymen with his Arbitrage Conspiracy. Stu McLearn & Tracy Childers with their membership site plugin WP WishList to name a few.

There are numerous other small scale launches that are underway and its very clear that the recession
has not touched the internet marketing space. At least for those marketers who are selling high end products.

Did you notice I deliberately dropped a few names there. Indeed I am making a point here..read on

Most recently I met an individual who pretty much signed up for every course that you see on the above list. Honestly even I also signed up for some of the above these products but



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