FREE CD Reveals The Insider Secrets Of Super Affiliates

Some affilaites are making $100K a day, while others with the best education, training and skills are not able to generate $10 a day.

We have both extremes and everything in between.


This is question I had been getting for a long time from many of my listeners and subscribers.

I spent the entire last week recording one of the best motivational CD’s on Affiliate Marketing. Finally I have a CD in my hand that I’m truly proud off. I have also received some rave reviews from people who listened to it already.

This CD is not about exploiting a new found glitch in CLICKBANK or CPA networks. Its purely about mindset, discipline, daily rituals and above all the small things that most successful affiliates do to attract big money online.

Certainly there is no magic bullet here…

I know you have invested into many affiliate marketing courses in the past. Well I know because, I too have invested into a zillion courses myself. Chances are between you reading this post and claiming the FREE CD I’m about to offer you may have received a couple of emails to your inbox from some guru promoting the next Affiliate marketing secret that will make you $60K in 30 days.

Unfortunately some of you will fall for it. And I’ll not blame you. Occasionally I come across some brilliant marketing that gets me too.

How hard and loud do I need to shout so that I can make myself heard. Making money online is an habit, is a discipline than a one night wonder.

Just play the video now…

Order NOW

I believe this is a great CD and I have poured all my heart into it. I’m sending you the CD for free and like many other marketers asking you to pay the cost of shipping and handling.

Now as I mentioned on the video, I will ship you one CD (or may be even two, but one for sure) every month if you decide to get this kind of candid, no non-sense, to the point instructions.

If you are a reader of this BLOG or you are one of my past customers or subscribers I want you to get this CD. You can cancel your membership if you think I’m not delivering on my promise. After all, if you sum up all the lost opportunities, wrong coaching, misguided products and distracting promotions you will be spending 10 times more than $47 per month that it costs to be a member of and receive the ground breaking information.

Up for it?

And listen.. You will also get access to the “Premium membership” of An area filled with lot of tips, tricks, hacks and wacks on anything and everything to making money online.


May be you have your own reservations, objections and rejections. If you do.. let me know. Post them here and I’ll address them to the best of my abilities.

I can tell you all kind of things to get you in. For example: There are only 372 CD remaining. Once they are gone they are gone. Or at midnight tomorrow this offer will be pulled down. some sense of urgency like that.

But I’m sure you had been around enough to understand that no offer on internet ever expires. They go away and they come back. We learned that from Frank Kern’s Mass Control Lunch didn’t we?

Anyways the bottom line is I’m not interested to have you in the Club, if you don’t see value in it. Moreover I don’t have time to deal with refunds, charge backs and everything else. But the only way you can see the real value in this, is by ordering the FREE CD and listening to it. So do that first and lets talk.

Order NOW

Always To Your Success!


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  • If you like this post make sure you subscribe to my RSS!
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  • sarahws

    I found this a very valuable recording, thanks. A question on reviews. I applaud you for advising that marketers try and test products in order to write informed and sincere reviews but doesn't that come pretty expensive when you find you've bought a stinker? (And the higher paying products for affiliates presumably cost a lot). Can you get "review copies" just like in the offline book publishing industry?

  • gorichonline

    Hi Sarah,

    Certainly it does, and yes this is one of the things that even the big marketers realized in the last few years. So any big product launch these days has two versions. One that is for sale and the other for the affiliates to test( a primitive yet informed version). If the creator is unable to create two versions for the launch then the main product is used to attract affiliates.

    To get a product as an affiliate for free needs a lot of credibility. I have been offered many products to promote becuase of this blog, but I have never taken anything for free just to promote, its not becuase its wrong but its just that I don't have time to review, apply and timely provide a review/testimonial. Hence I go at my own pace and hardly tie myself into a product launch timeline of other marketers.


  • Tony Torres

    Hi Srini,

    You truly are great for what you do. I don't just speak for myself but also for the many people that agree with me.

  • Sounds like a really great program, I'm sure your CD's will be going fast, you always deliver more than you promise!

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