Just One Technique Increased Traffic By 10 Times

While I was busy running the “Internet Income Summit” I suddenly received a testimonial from Scott Ellis about my traffic training videos. Scott is a pretty sucessful blogger himself and getting a testimonial from him about traffic trainign videos is an accomplishment in itself.

Scott initially sent me a written testimonial via email, I asked for a video testimonial which he recorded and sent it right away.


    One Friday evening I was staring at my monitor, browsing the net without any plan or agenda. Suddenly decided to create a quick info product on traffic genertion. The idea was not to make money from it, but to kill time passionatiely. Started my mind mapping app along with Camtasia and the next thing I know a full scale info product was ready for distribution.

    The Salesletter copy, HTML coding, Video creation(5+hours of contnet), membership area setup, 1shopping cart integration etc everything was done in 48hours.

    To this date there are spelling mistakes on the copy. If you visit you will see spelling mistakes all over the copy. I have deliberately not fixed those to prove a point, despite of them taking away from credibility.

    I make a point in all my presentations and seminars about and i,e the best content comes at the last minute without much preparation or planning.

    I have seen a lot of products fail despite of best planning, articulation and execution. is a reminder to me that info products can be created and launched with in no time.

Struggling to create your own product, have ton of ideas but somehow things are not coming together for you? It may well be that you are procrastinating. Remember all it takes is a little bit of your time and focus.

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