CPA Marketing Disaster: How I Made $37 by Spending $657

No I am not negative about this. I know CPA marketing is real and it is here to stay for a long time to come. I encourage you to get started with it soon.

I will update this post with some screen shots later, but for now here is the story..

Overworked The other day I started a campaing on Yahoo to promote a Weight loss offer. The offer was paying about $30+.

After running for sometime, I found out there were some established players in top rankings and I have to destabilize them to get some good click throughs.

I raised my bid to $1 per keyword.

Then Life Took Over.

I completely forgot about this campagain for 20 days.

The next thing I know I have spent $657

For no reason I logged into this affiliate network to check my stats. I don’t use this network as much in the first place.

To my suprise I had made thirty odd dollars from this offer. Unable to find out how this happend, I tired to see the pixel. It showed the click came from yahoo ( I was direct linking to the offer).

The rest is history

Now here is my advice to you..

Be careful on how you deal with the campaigns. If you cannot devote some time to them, Just don’t do it. Testing and Tracking are not that easy. It takes perseverance.

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