Continuity BluePrint : A Sincere Review

I have no idea how many emails I received from my subscribers and customers asking about my thoughts on Ryan Diess’s Continuity Blueprint

I decided to write this review to answer these questions once for all and in the process provide a deeper understanding of what continuity blueprint is all about.

Continuity Blueprint

Over the last 18 months or so I have tried and tested every method that I learnt from Ryan on membership sites. I even have results for you here. The purpose of this review is not to have you click my affiliate link and buy this course, but to prove you how I practically tested all aspects of Ryan’s system, by buying his courses(they are indeed not cheap), sitting in the front row in his seminars & listening to him carefully, calling him in his office and speaking to him & his wonderful assistant Sandy numerous times.

So..I think I am qualified to write this review.

As you know Ryan Deiss is known for his successful niche membership sites. In early 2007 he launched “30daysto$10k” program. During the first launch I procrastinated, but his sales copy and the “second chance” emails were so persuasive that I decided to try the program during the second time around. ( and I am glad I did)

As a result of which I ended up going to his exclusive 3-day in-person boot camp on membership sites now turned into “Membership Site Masters Program” and only available to the continuity blueprint customers. If you get these DVD’s you will see me in the front row.

The Publisher Model

Ryan in his 30daysto$10k program insisted that anybody without any subject matter expertise can create a successful membership site in any niche leveraging the knowledge of other experts

I took this to heart and with in three weeks of finishing the course I researched a market, found an expert (I had no knowledge in this market and never met this expert before), created a product in 7 hours with this expert and launched a forced continuity program with a high front end offer of $595 and closed $4000 in 2 days.

Three months later I re-launched the product again and closed over $3500.

In 30daysto$10K Ryan was very high on Joomla CMS, Rocket theme, Amember and 1shoppingcart as the core stack. Overall the program was very educational and instructional but missed out on the demonstration of some core things such as Amember & 1shoppingcart integration and dealing with incremental content.

Most recently Ryan launched Continuity Blueprint. One of the best product launches of the year. If you ever bought “30daysto$10k” program and have not yet signed up for yet; please don’t convince yourself that both these programs are identical.

Continuity blueprint is strategically a different program than “30daysto$10K”. In “30aysto$10k” it was all about Joomla and amember. Continuity Blueprint is more about using WordPress as CMS.

Click Here to see Ryan demo a membership site that he created using wordpress in 12 minutes.

With Continuity blueprint Ryan introduces a new level of thinking and execution for membership site creators. He simplifies the whole process of site mechanics even further( incremental content, amember and 1shopping cart integration, Amember hacks etc). Shreds light on forced vs optional continuity and lays down an step-by-step plan from concept to Execution to Results..

In a nutshell I highly recommend If you are struggling to get your membership site up and running, If you are low on budget and cannot afford a turnkey solution, if you know the mechanics and yet are unable to glue those many moving pieces to create your membership site together then you have to invest into

Now if you invest into this program by clicking my affiliate link. Call me in my office or email me. I will invite you to a special webinar that I am doing on how I profited from Ryan Deiss’s Continuity Blueprint. This is an exclusive webinar I am doing for people who invest into this program using my affiliate link.

Not only that I had decided to do something even more special.

King Of Blogging Workshop

I am re-launching the “King Of Blogging Workshop” soon. If you buy Continuity Blueprint clicking on my affiliate link then you can attend my online workshop completely free. The first time around people paid in the excess of $997 to attend this life changing workshop..and yes soon you will see various marketers promoting this event.

King of blogging workshop is a complimenting bonus to Continuity Blueprint. If you ever want to become a successful blogger and you want to build membership sites, you will need both the programs. And yes King of blogging workshop is a true implementation of Ryan’s methods.

So don’t hesitate. I have no idea when Ryan will close the doors on Continuity Blueprint but I will take this “King Of Blogging Workshop” bonus offer down at 12PM PST on Nov 30th, 2008. All the sign ups will be verified with Ryan’s office.

Thank you for reading the review and I am done with my pitch. Now alternatively you can always buy the course directly from Ryan at One way or the other just buy it. You will thank me for your life.

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