Blog By Email:How To Post Your Affiliate Broadcast Emails To Your Blog Automatically

There are so many videos and many blogs including word press documentation talks about auto post of content to word press blog or blog by email, but what I am going to share here is little different. You will see how learning a technique or a new feature of an application is not that important. All that matters is how you can use that technique to solve a pain, leverage time and in the process make money.

Lets move on..

The Problem Statement

One of my good friends who is a successful affiliate marketer asked me how he can autopost the daily emails he sends to his list to his wordpress blog.

He is an affiliate marketer, on a daily basis he spends a lot of time analyzing several products in his market and then spends several more hours writing a perfect email copy with an attraction grabbing subject line a subject line that could entice the readers to open his email. All this takes time. For every email he sends he does about 4 hours of work. All this is pretty time consuming even if there are rewards at the end. So he don’t have enough time to update my blog with fresh content.

When he consulted with me I explained to him how he is sacrificing his valuable time for immediate cashflow than building a true asset( his blog) which will pay him many times. After all isn’t internet marketing all about leverage and lifestyle?

Side Note: Just couple of day ago a blog owned by Johns Wu was acquired by for $15.5milllion, apparently Johns built this site single handedly in 2 years

The Solution

If you are using wordpress as your platform you know wordpress allows you to autopost content via email. To configure it..follow the steps.


  1. Login to your wordpress admin panel http://www.yourwebsite/wp-admin or
  2. click on “Settings” on the right top panel and click on “Wiriting”
  3. Scroll down a little bit you will see “post via email’
  4. For “Mail Server” refer to your email provider’s settings. In most cases: would work
  5. “Port 110″ can be left as is if your hosting providers otherwise wants you to do different.
  6. “Login Name” should be the unique email id that you will create for your blog. If you blog’s domain name is then the email may be “” Now you cannot use yahoo. hotmail and gmail accounts for this. You have to create an email account on your domain. Make sure this email is secret and don’t use this for anything other than exclusively posting content to the blog.
  7. “Password” fill in the password for this email account.
  8. “Default Mail Category” make sure you select a category to which you want all the email posts to go by default. This is important. If you do not change the “Uncategorized” to something meaningful it not it will effect your search engine rankings”


Now we have taken care of the basic settings but still we have to make wordpress poll the emails that come to the email account into wordpress. There are multiple ways of doing this, I have played with couple of methods. Here they are

    Method 1: You can download and install WP-CRON plugin. This will pretty much pull the content from your email and update your site every 15 minutes.

    Method 2: Setup “php /full/path/to/wp-mail.php” in a cronjob. This will run the php-script using php, without the need for an extra program to run. Make sure you have PHP enabled, most hosting providers do enable this for you by default.

    For more options you can refer to WordPress


    Send an email to the email account you created and see if the email arrives in your blog. You can find the posts under “Manage” => “Manage Posts” => “Pending Reviews”


    Now that you have an email account that is receiving emails and connected to wordpress. Just use that email and subscribe to your own email autoresponder. The idea is whenever you send an email to your list. This email account will also receive the email and in about 15 minutes show up in the “Pending Reviews” screen in your word press admin panel.

    No open up the post and edit it, remove all the email info such as “HI ” stuff and make it a blog friendly post.

    Another quick tip: when editing posts I like using FireFox Mozilla browser as it has a built in spell checker.

    Once you are done editing just press publish and you are done.

The Results

I will wait to hear from you. If you liked this post please leave your comments for me. If you implemented this technique and it helped, we all would like to hear from you

Enough said..Now Go Make Some Money :) -

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