Srini Saripalli's photoThis “Blog” is all about making money online. If not more..

There are millions of blogs on the subject of “Making Money Online”. So how different is this..?

Well, honestly not much.

The goal is to share genuine stories, original content, publish facts and cut the hype that otherwise is predominant in the internet marketing world.

This blog was created by Srini Saripalli to address more tactical aspects of internet marketing.

Here is a message from Srini Saripalli

Dear Friend,

Thanks for stopping by.

Here is my small story… I have marked the years in BOLD for a purpose i,e to show you that success seldom comes easy. It takes time, perseverance and sacrifices.

I first got an exposure to the internet in 1993.

In 1998 I made the first attempt to market my consulting business over the internet. My first major success with internet happened in 2004 when I started prospecting, buying, selling and renting real estate on the internet.

My first major break thru happened when I made $10K starting ground up in 42 days selling information products on the internet in the real estate niche. There after I have never looked back.

Fast forward 2008 I own multiple niche businesses online. I consult with some of the top companies and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, CA.

I am dedicated to the cause of entrepreneurship, Inspiring and Teaching different people from all walks of life on “how to create true riches on the Internet”.

As you go thru this blog and my articles, you will find success with internet is all about hard work. I teach people how to dominate the internet with good content. While every traffic technique has its own relevance and charm, its the content that wins the marathon.

I am a marketer and I am here to make money. But more than your money I am interested in your testimonial and your success story.

I hope you will have a great time on this blog and making money online.

Wishing You All The Best!

Srini Saripalli

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