A Sincere Review Of Mike Filsaime’s “The 7 Figure Code”

Upon a lot of deliberation I finally took some timeout to sit and write a honest sincere review of Mike Filsaime’s “The 7 Figure Code”.

This is a sincere review of a product that I paid for in full and used it extensively in my business. So everything you read here is coming from the horses mouth.

If you are a new marketer I would highly recommend “The 7 Figure Code“. Primarily becuase there are many strategies that interplay to make a business successful. Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal and the speakers make a conscious effort to highlight and emphasize many strategies that have made them successful.

Can you make a million dollars using the information explained in this product, may be. Do you need to put a lot of work after learning all the strategies explained here, the answer is big YES. The bottom line is the course has what it takes to million dollars and illustrates a complete plan from identifying a niche–> structuring an entiity –> buiding abuisness –> improvizing the sales process –> and beyond.

My biggest take away from this material was.. the mindset that is needed to create a million dollar business.

Before I go any further.. I want to call out that this review is not about Mike Filsaime. He is a phenomenal marketer and I have a lot of regard for him.

    Why I Bought 7 Figure Code: Certainly to learn how Mike Filasime made is 7 figure income and understand every step of the way he covered to reach his seven figures and beyond.

        Side Note: During the launch Mike Filsaime made an announcement on Warriour Forum. If any one would buy “The 7 Figure Code” using the link he mentioned on the forum, then in addition to the 7 figure code they will also receive a bunch of goodies along with his flagship product Butterfly Marketing. I jumped on the offer and orderd my copy, but I never received the copy of the ButterFly Marketing Script that I thought I would get, may be I was late.

    The Best presentation In the 7 Figure Code: If you get the package and you are not sure where to start. I would recommend you start with Stephen Pierce’s presentation titled “The Sales Process Of A 7 Figure Business” I think Stephen blew everyone away with his presentation in the room. The biggest concept I learnt from Stephan’s presentation was the “4 critical processes can turn your business into a 7 figure empire”.

    Stephen further explains many other concepts. such as Value Mapping your Market, and why this is crucial to your business. The Profit Nervous system and 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Business; the sales process and pipeline your customers must go through.

    This is Power stuff, real powerful.

    Scalability & Outsourcing Lessons from 7 Figure Code: If you are at a point in your business where you need help. There are some amazing tips from Mike on how to find and recruit right talent. The most important thing I liked was seeking qualified assistants from Craigslist using video applications.

    Many online entrepreneurs don’t know the difference between Out-Sourcing and Out-Tasking, Should they hire a consultant or an employee, should the person be in-house of virtual?. If you are one of them you have to get your hands on 7 figure code.

    As I conclude this review I have to mention, for the first time I saw Pay per click expert Amish Shah in action, thank to “7 figure code”. Amish Shah has become a big name in the CPA marketing business and is an affiliate making in excess of $50k a day from CPA a marketing.

    Can 7 Figure code make you a seven figure income? The answer is YES and NO. If you are buying this course to take short cuts, please don’t because there are no short cuts in life. If you have a big desire with a never dying attitude, and you will do whatever hard work it takes to become successful then by all means invest your money into buying the “7 figure code”.

    Any down sides of 7 Figure Code: Every products has merits and de-merits. 7 Figure code is not an exception to this. While everything I have written may sound to you like a typical review, let me assure you that in no way shape or form I will misguide you into something that I don’t believe in. As I mentioned earlier I paid full price for 7 figure code and I had been using it actively in my business for a while now.

    The concepts shared in the 7 figure code take time to implement. If you are too far with one strategy in your business making a course correction in the middle may prove to be expensive. Upon watching 7 figure code you may have to make some changes in your business. The good thing is, this change will get you sustained results. The bad thing is. you may have to lose some profits in the interim.

In the last one year I have created and launched many products and when & where I was faced with road blocks, 7 figure code came to my rescue.

7 figure code has my highest recommendations. You can order your copy by clicking here

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