A Sincere Review of e-Book Pro 6.0

Some are syaing, using E-Book Pro 6.0 You can Start an eBook publishing business worth $250,000… $750,000…$1 Million or more per year!. But Can you? let’s see..

This is not a typical review. This is my experience with E Book Pro As an internet marketer, I had been to many seminars, listened to many gurus and I have paid the price. I want to share my experiences with you so you that you could learn from my mistakes and triumphs, and decide if this system is right for YOUR business!

E-books are the gateway to any successful information marketing business. Ask any successful marketer who sells high priced home study courses today, he/she will tell you for them it all started with an e-book.

The fact is e-books have the least resistance or barrier of entry. That means anyone with little knowledge and research can create an e-book in no time.

Back in 2003/2004 we saw a ton of software publishers pitching all kinds of e-book publishing softwares including the giant Microsoft. They all new then that e-book selling is going to be a big business.

In those days, it was difficult to think about starting a small e-book project without paying huge sums to graphic designers and e-book layout designers. So producing mulitple e-books in a short time was next to impossible.

In September 2005 Derek Gehl put together a live event in Orange County, California in memory of Corey Rudl. I was right there when Derek Gehl officially launched E-book pro 6.0. In fact I remember asking Derek if he would make e-Book pro available on Mac.

The thing that caught my attention was E-Book Pro 6.0 could create .exe files and unlike its predecessor 5.0 is didn’t require any readers.

The out of the box graphics were awesome, and the whole software was extremely user friendly. Easy to use with a bunch of “point-and-click wizards” that literally made building and customizing an eBook from scratch as simple as clicking the mouse!

Over the years e-Book pro has evolved into a robust marketing solution, more than ust an e-book creation software. For example today you can with One click choose a professional design from the many templates that are included… a couple of clicks to customize it with your own logo, icons and other features… then a couple more clicks to add your eBook’s security features…

… and presto! You’ve got an unstealable, professionally designed and produced eBook that will sell.

But usability is not the only reason I like eBook Pro 6.0 so much! It also has some really cool features that make it an indispensable part of any marketing strategy!

For example, did you know you can use eBook Pro 6.0 to make “viral” eBooks that can drive 1,000s of qualified buyers to your web site? Don’t let the name put you off! Viral marketing just means ‘word of mouth,’ and here’s how it works…

You can add an “e-mail to a friend” button to your eBook. So, when someone reads it and sees that it’s FULL of useful information, they’ll happily pass it along to all of their friends and associates… who in turn pass it along to their friends and associates… and so on…

… Your single eBook ends up in the hands of hundreds — even thousands — of people. And best of all, eBook Pro collects their contact information, so you can then follow up with everyone using e-mail marketing!

And if you already have a web site that sells eBooks, there are plenty of features you’ll want to know about, too — like the ability to make Free Trial copies of your eBook that you can “turn off” if your customer decides not to purchase at the end of the trial.

This strategy alone can increase your sales by 200%!

The first e-book that I launched using E-Book pro 6.0 was in real estate niche title “How To Become A Real Estate Cash Millionaire” since then I have moved on to create many e-books and even today e Book Pro 6.0 plays a pivotal role in my Information marketing business.

If you like, There are other alternatives too. for example Armand Morin’s E-Book generator and Adobe’s Acrobat Writer. With the current version of Adobe Acrobat Writer you can embed videos also. A feature that was in E-Book pro 6.0 for years.

My number #1 criteria for buying any software product is: SUPPORT. IMC’s support had been excellent.

The bottom line? eBook Pro 6.0 secure publishing system is a must for your publishing business! It’s exactly what you need to make secure, professional looking eBooks that can potentially send 1,000s of qualified buyers to your web site who will buy up everything in site! I give this product my absolute highest recommendation

Click here to read a more detailed report about how eBook Pro 6.0 works, and how it can help YOUR business!

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