A Quick Preview On What Can Potentially Happen At The Internet Income Summit

Are you coming to the Internet Income Summit? If not.. I’m telling you will be missing out on some good stuff.

When I told my good friends Jeremy Shapiro and Robert Estupinian about the Internet Income Summit, they invited me to speak at the bayarea mastermind meeting.

If you are on my list, I did email you about it. If you missed attending it live. Here is a quick glimpse of the 2.5hr presentation…

What transpired after my presentation, was completely unbelievable. Practically everyone in the room ended up signing up for my upcoming internet income summit.

My presentation was to start at 6PM and I arrived 30 minutes late. Not my fault..or may be it was my fault.

I spent most of the day preparing a lengthy 29-slide power point presentation. My idea was to blow everyone away with my Content. Around 4PM I closed my laptop, pulled the power cord out and left the laptop running on the battery. After about an hour when I came home from picking by daughter from school, the laptop died on me and I found out that I never saved the slide deck.

I had about 15 minutes to recreate the presentation. Quickly I put together 16 slides and showed up at the meeting 30 minutes late.

Once I started talking..I realized I never needed a power point presentation anyway.. After I live, breath & die in this…:)-

Based on what all these attendees had to say.. I guess I did not fail after all. But this is just the beginning. Wait till I hit the stage at the Internet Income Summit.

I promise I will ignite the stage with my presentation :) -

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