A Powerful Tool That Dramatically Increase The Conversions On Your Existing Sales Letter

If you are one of those marketers who is like constantly testing and tweaking and trying to improve conversions on your sale letter like me, welcome to the club. Make sure you read every word on this post.

Yes, there is some work involved but the tool set I’m going to share with you: Script Smart is extremely powerful and is used by every successful internet marketer. In fact, Ryan Deiss told me about this tool set and insisted that I invest into it, ever since I had been extensively using this in all my sites.

Its all about increasing your profits and conversions from your existing online sales letters or optin pages with very little additional work. The idea is you integrate tried and tested marketing tactics quickly into your web pages with the help of a few scripts.

Some features of this script-smart include scenarios like, presenting a special one time offer (OTO) for your product while your prospect is in the middle of reading through your sales letter, giving them a time limit on the offer with a built-in sense of urgency.

If you are in the middle of a product launch, you probably need a proper countdown timer that is based on your actual server time which keeps everyone in the world on your timezone when the countdown hits zero, instead of being at the mercy of every ones local computer time as so many countdown scripts are prone to using.

The biggest thing I have benefited form the script is the ability to recycle prospects who are leaving the site by making a one time offer. Something that has not bee possible since the downfall of pop-ups. Script Smart seems to be very effective with this. This is worth every dollar you pay for this tool set.

In tool set is priced reasonably at $67, which in my opinion is just a steal


  • If you are a complete non-technie don’t worry the UI is pretty simple and the whole things is pretty intuitive with a few clicks. Select a script you need, enter in your values into a form and it gives you the right code to paste into your web page source.
  • Instead of having to find some help on elance or pay for a developer to make them for you, Script Smart collection of marketing scripts are all located in one application that generates all the encrypted code for you.
  • Excellent support and a very good product evolution path, I started with version 2.0 and now its at version 3.03
  • Not found in the mainstream promoted by a zillion affiliates, that means you have the early to market advantage still.

    The only thing I have to write is Arron Dwyer the creator of this tool has put in a very comprehensive authentication and authorization mechanism in place. THat means you cannot simply pass on the tool to everyone. I understand why Aaron is doing this, he wants to protect the IP and the integrity of the tool set. Your email id is used for authentication.

    This not an issue with me becuase I paid for the full version of it, but the challenge is every time I change computers or change email ID’s I have to email support(but they are very responsive).

    From a business point..Aaron! aren’t you tired of simple requests like “change my email please” and “Why can’t I start script-smart”

    You should buy this toolset and if you don’t want to buy you have to leave a comment explaining to me why you are not buying it. Here is the link where you can read more about the tool and yes its my affiliate link


    (That affiliate link is encrypted by script-smart tool Isn’t it powerful)

    Just to summarize this review, script smart has become an integral part of my business now.

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  • If you like this post make sure you subscribe to my RSS!
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