6000+ Visitors To A Brand New Site In 7 Days

Every time I see statements like these I instantly become skeptical. People drive millions of visitors to brand new sites all the time. So there any many techniques and strategies in doing that, What I am going to demonstrate to you here is there are many cheap traffic sources on the internet that you should explore for affordable and quick traffic. If you are using other traffic sources, add this to your list of actions.

Also I will share some conversion stats, so that you get the big picture.

Yes there is money involved with this technique, so its not free. But again the traffic

The Site in question: www.unlimitedcreditlines.com

Site Details: Single Page Sales Letter Site with Option form. Built of WordPress

Total Traffic Generated: 6794 visitors

Campaign Start Date: September 1, 2008 End Date: September 8, 2008

Duration: 7 Days

Total Amount Spent: $100

The next question you may have is how can you duplicate this same thing for your website? Well here are the steps

  1. Build a big list of keywords for your niche. The larger the better. I use Keyword Elite for my keyword research.
  2. Open An account with Media Traffic a leader in Pay-Per-View Traffic.
  3. Fund Your Account with some money. In my case I put in $100
  4. Create A New Campaign
  5. Mention The URL you want to Drive Traffic To and upload all the keywrods
  6. Media Traffic will manually verify your campaign and approve it, sometimes they make take up to 24hours to approve
  7. Sit Tight And Traffic Will Flow Non-stop till you run out of money

Lets Talk About Some Of My Results Now

Cost per visitor: 0.01 cents ( This is the minimum cost per keyword)

Total people opted to get the FREE Video: 4

Total people unsubscribed upon getting the FREE video: 2

Total Sales: $0

So what this tells you is, even if I claim that I got 6000 people to the site. What good is it when none of them bought anything? Moreover pretty much everyone unsubscribed. I cannot put them on an auto responder, because the cost of writing follow up emails and scheduling them is much more costlier than the initial $100 I spent to attract them.

Going Forward..

I am improving the landing page design. The campaigns will Focus on geo targeting elements. Will Research more focused long tail keywords. Shall keep improving till I get about 30 people to opt-in for every $100 I spend. Thats tough but again, who said I am scared of challenges.

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