14 Proven Methods To Monetize Any Blog

If you missed my live webinar ob Blog Monetization, you can listen to the recording here.

Click Here For The Replay

    Here is the list of all the sites I mentioned on the call.

    My favorite methods

      10. Membership programs
      11. Info Products – Ebooks, DVD’s, CDs, Home Study Courses etc
      12. Donations
      13. Consulting & Services
      14. Buying & Selling Blogs for maximum one time payout

Membership Site Hands-On-Workshop

Also on the call I mentioned about a live hands on workshop on creating membership sites form your blogs.

If you are interested in joining the live workshop. Please make a $1( one dollar) deposit to get into the front-line. My admin will get in touch with you for us to speak one-on-one. If I feel you will benefit from this workshop I will have you join me live. I’m very selective on whom I get into my workshops. Its mandatory that I either meet you in person or know you well enough before you get into any of my hands-on workshops.

The idea with this workshop is that you walk in with your membership site idea and get your entire site up and running when you leave the workshop.

Most of my workshops are hands-on workshops where I move people to take action. I don’t believe in preaching from the stage and certainly don’t believe in all the pitch fests.

If you are interested in the workshop, just get into the front-line by putting in a $1(one dollar) deposit.


I can only take 10 people into the workshop as I truly believe in delivering immense 1:1 value like nobody else.

Lets talk soon!

To your membership site success!

Srini Saripalli

P.S: I need to know your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment for me here…

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  • If you like this post make sure you subscribe to my RSS!
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  • Wesley Chen

    The presentation was great. Thank you.

  • These are very helpful tips for people who are looking into monetizing their blogs. And it definitely shows how important it is to continuously market your blogs in order for it to generate traffic and income.

  • It is very great content, but how do I generate a lot of traffic before I can try any of those 14 methods to monetize my blog?

  • Srini,
    It is great. It is very good content, but how do you get a lot of traffic before you try any of those 14 methods to monetize your blog?

  • sgarcia99

    The call was amazing and the tips are priceless. Thanks Srini for sharing what has worked for you.

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